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“I go ‘Slow down, what’s the rush, there’s a red light.’ She says: ‘Shut up, when did you become a driving instructor?

’” Hemsworth’s assured performance as Hunt marks him out as one of Australia’s leading actors, on a par, according to Rush director Ron Howard, with Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman.

“It has a babyseat and surfboard in the back, it’s a pretty mellow thing,” he says.

The promotional stills of course feature Chris Hemsworth, 34, as Thor, who looks as fit as ever in his suit of armor.

Thor's brother Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, 36, also features prominently, both on Earth and apparently on an unidentified alien planet.

“Sometimes,” he says about press interviews, “you feel like a car salesman: ‘Trust me, you missed it, go watch it again, you’ll love it…’ Rush is special.” He looks, of course, effortlessly handsome, wearing a blue-grey T-shirt with a pair of Ray Bans tucked over the neckline, faded G-Star jeans and scuffed blue Vans. Less than a decade ago Hemsworth, who turned 30 last month, was working as a bartender in a Melbourne nightclub.

Now he has manoeuvred himself onto the Hollywood A-list, his face on billboards everywhere, his net worth already million.

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